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Are you a high school or college student looking to enter the workforce, or an adult facing a career change, or currently part of the existing workforce looking to improve technical skills?  
Hundreds of emerging high-skill, high-wage, high-tech jobs across Pennsylvania go begging everyday for lack of qualified employees.  Find out how to qualify for one of these exciting new jobs through the PATHWAYS for Career Success Program.

Ideally, you’d begin taking specialized classes during your final two years of high school. For two years after graduation, you would add to your technical knowledge through an associate’s degree program. Then you’d spend your final two years in the program completing your bachelor’s degree.

But, the program’s success formula is flexible. You may be able to enter a program at any 2-year starting point – even if you’ve already graduated from high school or have explored another career path and want a change of direction.
Plus, some of the technical career paths don’t even require the full six years, so you can begin building your career success even sooner!